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Mike Ditka On Obama: ‘Biggest Mistake I’ve Ever Made’ Was Not Running Against Him For Senator


Dumbass Egomaniac

Former NFL coach Mike Ditka believes he had a chance to alter the course of American history and regrets that he didn’t make the most of it. Looking back of his 12 years as a professional football player, 14 years as a head coach and subsequent broadcast career, Ditka recently claimed that his biggest mistake involved President Barack Obama.

Speaking at the grand opening ceremony in North Dakota’s Oil Patch, Ditka said the“biggest mistake I’ve ever made” was not running against Obama for Illinois’ Senate seat in 2004.

“Not that I would have won, but I probably would have and he wouldn’t be in the White House,” said Ditka, via The Dickinson Press.

As the Atlantic Wire pointed out, a 2004 poll from SurveyUSA indicated that Obama had a 7-point lead over the Hall of Famer.


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  1. Your a dumb fuck Ditka!!! If you would have run against Obama you would have gotten your as beaten worse that you ever did in football!!!! Ditka calls President Obama worst President ever?!?!!? Has he forgotten about Bush and never heard of Hoover!! And Reagan was far worse a President than Obama!!! Ditka, stick with Fox but keep your trap shut! Your right where you belong on Fox…talking heads just talking shit!!!

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