Women Cat Owners: Simply Crazy

Women Cat Owners Commonly Suffer From Mental Illness

A Recent Raid on a Crazy Cat Lady's Home Clearly Shows the Vile State of the Kitty Litter Box (R)

The Crazy Cat Lady Will Soon Be Classified As A Mental Ilness

According to a study released last month by the Rand Research Group of Miami and funded by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) a surprising 92% of women who own more than two cats were found to suffer from some form of a mental health disorder. And almost as many had criminal backgrounds.

It seems every neighborhood has its “crazy cat lady”. I searched Google to see if I could find a definition for a crazy cat lady and here are just some of the definitions I found.

“That old lady that lives down the street from you that has over a dozen cats named after each of her ex-boyfriends that have done her wrong.”

“A woman, usually middle-aged or older, who lives alone with no husband or boyfriend, and fills the empty lonely void in her life with as many cats as she can collect in one place. Said homes are usually very stinky and the aforementioned woman may also very likely be white trash.”

Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome is defined as, “What someone has when they can’t seem to get a date or action or anything. Its like forever alone, except you get cats”.

“It’s easy to spot a crazy cat woman, she has frizzy hair, bad fashion sense, and is normally surrounded by cats that worship her. They choose to moan and growl instead of talking, and hang out in dark alleys.”
“A woman whom has many cats and denies it and then they die in her closet and she cant find them…she is also overweight…she eats her cats in her sleep.”

While the stereotypical crazy cat lady has always been left to the imagination of those who try to explain this strange feline fetish researchers have discovered there is certainly some truth to the stereotype.

Researchers at Rand recently concluded a three year study of 1,500 women who own three or more cats. A stunning 92% had been diagnosed with one or more clinical mental health disorders, of those 87 % had been divorced, and 73% had been convicted of a crime.

This Crazy Cat Lady Was Caught Harboring Fugitive Feral Felines. Over 100 Dead Cats Were Found In The Freezer

The study revealed two thirds of those suffering from a mental health condition had been diagnosed with a severe mental health issues such as Bipolar disorder, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Personality disorder and Post traumatic stress disorder also known as PTSD. The remaining one third in the study group had been diagnosed with less severe issues such as… Sleep disorders, Intellectual disability, Autophagia, Sadomasochism, Social anxiety disorder, Cotard’s syndrome, and Factitious disorder.

Of the 1,500 women who participated in the study 87% had been divorced before the age of 35, only a scant 12% remarried. The breakdown of criminal convictions also surprised many with 73% of these women having been convicted of one or more crimes. From this group 61% had been convicted for felonies with 14% being convicted for misdemeanors.

Roughly half of the women in this group were convicted for sex crimes involving children or animals. The remaining 50% had convictions for assault and battery (19%), theft (12%), sodomy (8%), burglary (5%), arson (3%), and disorderly conduct (3%).

Cat Lady Pig

The study concluded that so-called “cat ladies” are not simply losers and overweight manly lesbians who failed to live by societal standards, but they are predominately dangerous felons and recluses who suffer in their own private hell daily inside homes which they’ve converted into 1 or 2 bedroom kitty litter boxes.

Authorities state owning cats is not a crime even in cases where women have unlawfully violated local ordinances on the number of cats one can own in a residential area. In such cases these women are issued a citation to appear in court but few are taken into custody.

Right now though there is no reporting criteria for reporting someone you think might be harboring fugitive feral felines however law enforcement authorities warn it is always good for residents to know where local cat ladies live and to teach their children to avoid these homes.

By Nigel J. Covington III, Editor-in-Chief National report

– See more at: http://nationalreport.net/women-cat-owners-commonly-suffer-mental-illness/#sthash.JugPnZ9w.dpuf



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