RGO Stories: Responsible Gun Owners on Parade

RGO's with their External Death Penises

RGO’s with their External Death Penises

Yes, Virginia, I am very, very afraid of home invaders. But I have a gun to protect me and my family!

A Loudoun County sheriff’s deputy shot his teenage daughter at their Winchester home after mistaking her for an intruder, then crashed his car as he tried to race her to the hospital, according to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. The shooting occurred about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, when Easton McDonald, a sergeant with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, responded to a home security alarm that alerted him to an open garage door, said Capt. Donnie Lang of the Frederick sheriff’s office.

As McDonald approached the garage, he heard noises coming from outside the door, Lang said.

“He figured someone had broken into the garage, and his family was upstairs asleep,” Lang said.

At that point, McDonald retrieved a privately owned gun — not his service weapon, Lang said — and opened the door. McDonald saw the dark shape of a person coming toward him, Lang said. “At that particular point, he discharges his firearm and strikes the person in the torso area,” Lang said. “Then he hears her voice and recognizes that it’s his daughter.”

Me and my Buds love to show-off our firearms!

Mr. Andrews reached into his vehicle and retrieved the firearm he had placed on the passenger seat, cocked the hammer and placed the firearm to his head. The weapon discharged causing a significant head wound that incapacitated Mr. Andrews.

After interviewing those present when the firearm discharged and reviewing a video recorded by an exterior video camera, investigators surmise Mr. Andrews was either unaware that the firearm had been reloaded, or that he was distracted by the conversation occurring between he and his friends causing him to forget the firearm had been reloaded.

And finally, I keep hearing about these responsible gun owners who are so very careful with their dangerous weapons, so I can only conclude that this guy did it on purpose!

A man in Macon, Georgia accidentally shot himself in the penis while attempting to holster his gun last week.

According to WMAZ Channel 13, the man was parked at a gas station and was attempting to put away the .45 caliber pistol when it discharged, striking him in the groin.The man immediately drove to a friend’s house.

According to police, the victim dropped his pants to find that he had shot himself in the penis and that the bullet had exited his body through the buttocks. As he disrobed, the spent round fell to the floor.



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