Guns Don’t Kill People, or Do They?


If guns don’t kill people, then why make guns inoperable at NRA convention?

Those paying attention will note that no arms on display at the NRA convention will be operable. This is a very reasonable stance given the likelihood of an accidental discharge or a possible murder-suicide scenario with 70,000 people and thousands of firearms in the same place.

This action does, however, puts the lie to the NRA’s long trumpeted stance that “guns don’t kill people.”  If guns don’t kill people, then why not have fully-functioning firearms on display?

Only those convention-goers who carry in accord with the law will be allowed to carry in the convention center. In addition, some part of the convention activities (at this point) will be gun-free.

As the NRA recognizes, at its own convention, ‘people with guns’ do kill people, and one should exercise reasonable precautions when people have access to firearms.

What the NRA and it fellow-travelers don’t admit is that they are perfectly willing for people at large to be at risk of injury from an accidental firearm discharge or the intentionally destructive acts of a person with a firearm who is suffering from a mental disorder or anger management problems.  It is only in their own backyard that they believe in reasonable restraints on gun access.

Legislators’ questions for NRA reps in hearings.

If guns don’t kill people, then why did the NRA require that exhibitors only display inoperable firearms?

If the NRA doesn’t believe in background checks and licensing, then why did the NRA restrict carry at the convention to those persons carrying in accord with State laws, which usually require background checks.

If the NRA believes that thousands of operable weapons may present a danger to 70,000 gun enthusiasts, then why don’t they support legislation to protect the roughly 320 million Americans from any danger presented by the roughly 300 million operable firearms in civilian hands in the USA?

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