A Hearty Welcome!

Welcome to The Blue Max. Ice-cold Gordon’s Gin Martinis are the preferred drink here, but have anything you like. Enjoy your drink and settle down for some thoughtful fun!

But make no mistake, The Blue Max is Ludwig Johann Sebastian (Field Commander) Strauss’ bar, and all opinions and stories are his and his alone. Copyright laws do apply – not only to his scribblings, but to other content used here. So don’t cross him. Being a Capricorn he can be a fearsome enemy, although that is contrary to his gentle and sensitive nature, usually not discernable under his gruff and caustic exterior. By nature, he is a gentle spring rain falling on newly bloomed flowers. But cross him, or steal copyrighted material, and he will become a raging thunderstorm, full of Donder and Blitzen, the likes of which you have never seen before.

Be that as it may, there is one ritual at The Blue Max that is observed daily – so Son, stand up straight and face the American Flag hanging proudly behind the bar – remove your hat and honor America – while Ludwig Johann Sebastian (Field Commander) Strauss leads us in The Pledge…

So buy him a drink and he’ll tell you some lies. You can decide whether they’re fact, fiction, or just the rumblings of an unreliable narrator!


NOTE TO THE READER: This document contains speech/prose/poetry/music and lyrics. Whenever possible, I have tried to identify and credit the source. There is no intent by Strauss to violate any copyright laws, and I ask you to not do so yourself.

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