The Blue Max is here for your thinking pleasure along with an opportunity to hear some stories and opinions concerning everyday life in current times, as opined by Ludwig Johann Sebastian (Field Commander) Strauss himself – the middle-aged, gray haired fat man with bad knees, bad looks and a bad attitude sitting at the end of the bar.

If you are a sports fan, go elsewhere, there are no televisions in the Blue Max. If you are looking for love, go elsewhere, for the Blue Max is for serious drinkers only who have had their share of love, and found it to be a bunch of clap (oops, crap). If you “drink” Bud Lite, Coors, Corona or any other watered down, pissy chick beer, go elsewhere. Only REAL BEER is served here.

If you are in love with your girlfriend (or your boyfriend) – get out! If you can’t drink more than six beers without getting bombed – stay out! If you are single and live with cats, you are unwanted here. If you have a case of chronic flatulence – leave as quickly as possible!

But if you are a serious drinker who finds the light of spirituality flowing through the stained glass windows of the Blue Max in the afternoon, then you can grab a stool, belly up to the bar, and enjoy the sanctuary of a peaceful environment and an exquisite cocktail, a quality glass of wine, or a fine beer. 

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